Best Vacuum and Mop Robot

So you don’t want to buy a robot vacuum and a robot mop. You’re sick and tired of buying appliance after appliance. A combination unit is not going enable to throw your existing hand-held units out because there is nothing like the deep clean capabilities of your expensive high-end units. has way too many to choose from but these are the top star rating among the most popular brands.


ILife V5 Pro

  • Vacuum, sweeping and damp mopping,
  • 140 minutes of run time,
  • Auto docking for recharging,
  • Self-rescue technology,
  • Cliff sensor and the ability to sense different floor types and will climb over room barriers,
  • Mop holder removal enables more efficient vacuuming,
  • Scheduling feature.

57 % of reviewers gave this model 5 stars and it holds a 4.1 star rating overall. Things to note is that it sometimes requires a few runs for a good clean and that it sometimes gets stuck in mop mode.


Haier Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • 800 RPM vacuum,
  • Low noise,
  • 4 cleaning modes,
  • Virtual wall technology,
  • Infrared sensor to avoid dropping,
  • Remote control,
  • HEPA filtration,
  • Auto return for recharging.

This holds a 3 star rating and although other machines have a higher star rating, this has more units sold. 31% of the 61 reviewers gave it 5 stars and complimented that the mopping feature was good for a light wash and that it worked great on animals that shed fur everywhere. For the price, it could be a good unit to test out the combination model before upgrading to a more efficient model. Complaints were that it couldn’t tell the difference between carpet and floor and that it got tangled in hair often.


bObsweep PetHair

  • It’s comes in nice colors,
  • It sweeps, vacuums and mops,
  • The vacuum, at 7500 RPM, is really strong in comparison with lead brands standalone vacuum robots,
  • Has HEPA Filters, UV Sterilizing and air purifying lamps,
  • 1 Hour 15 minutes run time,
  • 1000 ml dustbin, again one of the largest among brands,
  • Remote control for speed, cleaning modes and directional control,
  • Auto return to re-charge,
  • LCD Screen.

62% of the 2284 reviewers gave this machine 5 stars but its issues among the others have caused it to have a 3.7 star rating. Among its complaints are that Bob gets stuck requiring a clearing code and the mop it not very useful if the floor is wet. Some also claim the company sends out letters similar to birth certificates upon buying and that wives are talking to it like its human.